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12222 Cancer Horoscope: Better Bonding With Family Members Is Foreseen

This new year will be all about being the most honest version of yourself, Capricorn. Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations as well as your ruling planet, will remain in your sign for the rest of The ringed planet will encourage you boldly express both the positive and negative qualities associated with your sign.

Cancer 2019 – 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Being aware of them helps us control them. On March 7, Uranus, your personal planet of money will be moving from your fourth house of home and family to your fifth house of creativity, true love, and children.

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Career Your financial planet, Uranus, moves into money-minded Taurus on March 7. He'll help you to establish greater stability in the ways you earn, save, and spend. This is a time to do something playful, fun, self-expressive, and creative, even with tensions experienced between what you think you should be doing and what you feel.

Your private life or the past can pleasantly come into focus. With Venus spending most of the month in your privacy sector, meeting with Jupiter there, something may surface out of the blue that brings much joy to your life. You might perform a generous act behind the scenes or anonymously.

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There could be a freeing of sorts from a burden or unhealthy attachment, or forgiveness and understanding help you move on and look forward to your future. A private matter can also stimulate happy feelings. More information could surface about a personal issue that will help you make better decisions about the future.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Jupiter will enter your sign early December, beginning an exciting transit that's reinvigorating and fresh, lasting over a year. Now is the time to clear the path for new beginnings. The last few days of November are stable for clearing up problems and troubleshooting. You may be rebuilding motivation and faith in your projects, studies, and relationships. A learning, writing, or transportation issue that has been in limbo can move forward as news you were waiting for arrives or a lost item is found.

Venus enters your sign on the 25th, and until December 20th, you're in exceptionally good favor.

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It's a time for feeling especially good about yourself and a period for embracing your need for more pleasure in your life. Until then, Jupiter moves through your solar twelfth house — for most of This is a time when you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings. Jupiter can feel much like a guardian angel in this private area of your solar chart. Meditation and retreats may be particularly beneficial to you now, acting to regenerate and invigorate you.

You may need some extra time or solitude to complete everything you want to accomplish now.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

At the same time, Saturn in your sign is pushing for a little more accountability, revving up your ambition. Although Jupiter and Saturn are very different energies, and there can be times when the year feels disjointed, there is also incredible potential for finding a healthy balance — a work hard, rest hard type of thing! Saturn in your own sign can, at times, feel a little rough — stark, even. Sometimes, you might feel left to your own devices.

However, you can also discover that you function quite well in this position. Saturn is your planetary ruler, in fact, and you understand its energies more than most. Learning and studies flow well in Transportation options may open up to you.

New and improved ways of getting around or connecting can change your life in crucial ways. Jupiter square to Neptune much of the year requires some attention. There are own vibratory influence and own vibration of each number in numerology. Yes, just like the Siamese twins are the numbers and names and there is a vibratory and definite number for every letter of alphabet from A to Z in numerology.


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A great deal about purpose in life, character, where talents lie and what motivates in life are shown by numerology. One of the most exotic and beautiful minerals with elegant color and appearance are gemstones. Scientifically, gemstones have influence on our heart, mind as well as the whole body. On the basis of your horoscope, gemstones are recommended in Vedic astrology. As per the beliefs, one can overcome the obstacles of his life by wearing the prescribed gemstone. It is quite necessary to correctly use the gems as the subtle energy field is affected by them which emanate from every living thing, thought patterns, energetic habits, belief systems etc.

You can have fulfilling career and love life by wearing certain prescribed gemstones. Thanks… Thank you so much! The way your panel of Indian astrologers supported me with the fight against my destiny and their predictions is just amazing.